The Turkic Student Association, dearly known as TSAB, began in the Spring of 2007 by Uldouz Berenjforoush who had a dream to bring together those with a passion for Turkic peoples, languages, and cultures. She made this dream come true with the help of her close friends. They finally gained club status on a glorious day in March. This was truly a day to remember. Since that time, TSAB and its devoted members have tabled nearly everyday, weathering the blazing heat and the coldest winds just so people can stop by and see who they are. Meetings have been held, Turkish delights have been eaten, pictures have been recorded, all this has led up to our establishment as a well-known, and highly-talked about club that is here to stay!

Our club's purpose is to bring together students of Turkic backgrounds and students interested in Turkic cultures. We aim to celebrate various Turkic cultures and discuss current events. To do so we have movie nights, lectures and many other activities that would introduce the Turkic culture to our community and campus. Our group is not political and is not affiliated with any political or other groups on campus. The main purpose of our group is to have a fun and safe environemnt, to make friends and introduce the different nationalities which have Turkic backgrounds.